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Princess Delphine makes first public outing, unveils new work

Princess Delphine of Belgium unveiled a sculpture by her own hand in Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders) on Saturday.  The event was the princess’s first public outing since a Belgian court ruled in her favour and agreed that as the natural daughter of King Albert she had a right to a share in any inheritance and to bear the royal title.

“I can feel love” the London-based artist told onlookers. “This is going in the right direction, but I’m hoping for more.”

Princess Delphine’s new monumental work is entitled “Ageless Love” and now stands in the Gerda Park.  It is executed in steel and that’s very symbolic for love, the princess explained.

“Hard to rupture, just like love.  Just like love, it ages beautifully and gets an attractive new shine, just like people gets wrinkles. It brings a message full of love to vulnerable people, carers, family, friends and neighbours.  It’s the right sculpture at the right place”. 

The princess refused to be drawn too much on the recent rapprochement with certain members of the royal family.  She recently met her half-brother King Filip for the first time. 

“Little by little, I’m feeling accepted.  It’s going in the right direction.  I’m hoping for more.”

She did say she had read in the newspapers that her natural father. King Albert, wished her well. 

The princess noted that she would always remain Delphine: “My soul remains that of an artist” she said.

Nicolas Maeterlinck

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