What new measures come in to force from today?

On Friday evening a raft of additional measures were announced the aim of which is to curb the further spread of the novel coronavirus. The measures aim to reduce our social contacts and hence give the virus less opportunity to spread. 

·        Close contacts (people who we embrace, don’t social distance with, touch, etc…) must now be kept to just one person from outside your home.

·        Tele-work is now the rule for all that can work from home. Employers of those in jobs where tele-working is not possible must guarantee that they can work in safe conditions.

·        Cafés, bars and restaurants will remain closed for a month. The situation with regard to this enforced closure will be reviewed in 2 weeks.

·        The hospitality businesses impacted by the measures are entitled to financial support from both the federal and regional authorities. No alcoholic beverages may be sold after 8pm.


·        Starting tonight, a night curfew will be in force from midnight to 5am.

·        The number of people we can welcome into our homes is limited to 4. Social distancing must be upheld, and the group of four people must remain the same for two weeks.

·        Food markets will remain open. However, flea markets, Christmas markets and “Winter Wonderland”-style events are banned.

·        Small-scale fun fairs that can accommodate up to 200 people may take place.

·        No more than 40 people may attend funeral wakes.

·        We can get a takeaway until 10PM.

·        The protocols agreed between the authorities and the organisers of sporting and cultural events will be reviewed next week.

·        Cultural and sporting events for which no protocol has been agreed will be limited to a maximum of 40 spectators. 

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