200 cabin crew jobs under threat at Ryanair

Almost twice as many jobs as had been initially announced are under threat at the low-cost airline Ryanair. During a webcast for staff members, Ryanair announced that 200 jobs are under threat rather than the 106 jobs cuts among cabin crew that had been announced a month ago. 

Just over a month ago Ryanair announced that the number of jobs at the company that are under threat had increase from around 80, as had been announced in June, to 106 job cuts among cabin crew at 66 job losses among pilots. However, now the company says that 200 cabin crew could lose their jobs. The number of pilots facing the axe remains the same.

Ryanair says that it needs to cut more jobs because there will be fewer flights during the coming months as a result of the coronavirus crisis. However, the unions don’t accept this as a reason. Hans Elsen of the Christian trade union ACV Puls told VRT News “In this country there is a system of temporary unemployment, so you wouldn’t need to make anyone redundant to get through the winter. In the spring they will need staff again. So, they are doing this to put pressure on pay and conditions”.

More than 500 people work for Ryanair in Belgium. Most of these are based at Charleroi Airport in Hainaut Province. Of Ryanair’s 500 plus employees in Belgium, 370 are cabin crew. 

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