Delhaize to close its stores an hour earlier on Fridays

The supermarket chain Delhaize has announced that for next four weeks at least its supermarkets will close an hour earlier than usual on Friday evenings. Like Carrefour and Colruyt, Delhaize normally stays open until 9pm on Fridays, whereas Monday to Thursday an on Saturday it, Carrefour and Colruyt close at 8pm. 

The reason Delhaize gives for its decision to bring closing time on Fridays into line with other days are the measures that took effect on Monday banning the sale of alcoholic drinks after 8pm.

The measures that remain in force for a month could have posed problem at the checkout if customers doing their weekly shop after 8pm had tried to purchase, beer, wine or spirits.

All 128 of supermarkets that are owned and opperated by Delhaize will close at 8pm every Friday from 23 October until 13 November. The chain says that given the layout of its stores imposing the ban on alcohol sales after 8pm would be difficult to organise and would “put extra pressure on the shoulders of our staff”.

The announcement has no impact on the opening hours of franchise stores such as AD Delhaize, Proxy Delhaize and Shop&Go.  

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