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PM’s dad gets corona fine

The prime minister’s dad, Herman De Croo, will have to pay a corona fine after he failed to wear a face covering along the route of Sunday’s Tour of Flanders cycling race.  Mr De Croo Sr is the only person to be fined during this event.


Stringent safety measures were in force for the highlight of the Flemish cycling calendar that had been postponed from April.  Spectators were not allowed. Only people who live along the route of the race were allowed to line the route and had to wear a face covering.

Unfortunately for the PM’s dad everybody in Flanders saw he wasn’t wearing a face covering during the televised screening of the event, when the race passed by his home.

“My son Alexander gave me a bell.  ‘Where was your face covering’ he asked. In my enthusiasm to see the race I simply forgot.  I was busy and then suddenly I heard the riders were coming” the former minister and liberal party veteran said.

“I will pay the fine.  I was in the wrong.  I stood along the route in a meadow.  There was nobody else there.  I don’t think I’m being punished more severely because I’m the PM’s dad.  Friends did tell me the Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever started the race on a square full of people.  He wasn’t wearing a face covering.  In my opinion that wasn’t according to he rules either.  Everybody is equal before the law!”

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