Restaurant closure sends the price of fish plummeting

Our colleagues from VRT Radio 2 have been finding out how the month-long closure of restaurants as part of the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 is forcing down the price of fish. Not unsurprisingly, the types of fish that are popular among those eating out are now especially cheap. The fishmonger Steven Timmermans told Radio 2 that “Lemon sole, monkfish and turbot are all very cheap at the moment. Good for the consumer, but bad for the fishermen”. 

"The price of lemon sole is normally around 30 euro/kilo in our shop. Now I’m selling it for 18 euro. Just over half price”, Mr Timmermans added.

"Turbot, brill and monkfish are very cheap compared with a week ago. However, the price of cheaper fish such as plaice, skate and gurnard is also down”. 

The fishmonger says that the fall in the price of these types of fish is directly linked to the closure of restaurants as part of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.


"Monkfish, turbot and sole feature on the menus at many restaurants. Demand for these fish has disappeared, but the supply remains. Before the weekend we got these restaurant fish at normal auction prices. But now the prices have plummeted. This is good news for consumers that like fish, but bad news for the fishermen and the auctions. They are paying the price for the closure of the hospitality industry. As fishmongers we are able to maintain our margins”.

Mr Timmermans called on Flemings to ditch cod and salmon for plaice or monkfish in order to offer support to our fishermen. 

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