Foto: de Plopsa Group

World’s biggest slideway under the hammer

The world’s biggest slideway stands in Antwerp, at the Comics Station amusement park located in the Central Station in the northern port city.  The Plopsa Group recently purchased the amusement park that is now undergoing major renovation, but the slide will have to go.

At Comics Station it has simply caused too many problems.  Children would take it ending up several floors below, while their parents were still upstairs.

The slideway stands over 22 metres high. It could be yours if the price is right! It’s being auctioned by Vavato of Sint-Niklaas.  Members of the public can put in their bid till 30 October. The starting price is 5,000 euros. The auction house has little idea how much the construction will fetch.  It is a unique construction, but also hard to move. Still, in the past many Belgian attractions have ended up in Asia and the Middle East and nobody would be surprised if the slideway too left our shores.

Renovation of the amusement park should be complete by next October, when it will open under the name Plopsa Station Antwerp. Parents, you are warned.

Foto: de Plopsa Group

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