Africa: the new source of Europeans’ drugs

A dozen drug traffickers were arrested at Brussels Airport in recent weeks.  Local prosecutors say that most of those detained were drug couriers from Africa, whereas most drug couriers used to come from South America. It’s thought the drug couriers are using new routes because traffic is widely disrupted as a result of corona restrictions.

A dozen couriers have been arrested since mid-August with nine being detained since the beginning of the month.  Five couriers travelled from African countries: Congo, Benin, Malawi and Burundi.  They had cocaine or heroine hidden is false bottoms in suitcases, in suitcase handles, in the soles of their sandals or hidden in buttons!

Other couriers had ingested quantities of drugs, while one woman had a stash in her vagina.  The biggest seizure involved 9.1 kilos of heroin.

Prosecutors say trafficking from South America has reduced, probably as a result of corona measures.  Traffickers today hail from West and East Africa with quantities of drugs also originating in South America.  Drug traffickers are exploring new routes to get drugs to Europe.

All 12 couriers were arrested and will face their day in court.  The average sentence meted out to drug couriers caught at Zaventem is a 36-month custodial sentence.  Non-EU citizens are also banned from the Schengen Zone for 3 years.  

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