Nicolas Lambert

Brussels Free University moves to Code Red

The Flemish Free University of Brussels, the VUB, is switching to Code Red as a result of the worsening corona situation in the Belgian and Flemish capital.  Under Code Red as many lectures as possible are held online. Only exercises that cannot be organised online are staged on campus.

Students will learn from a distance and staff will work from home as much as possible.

The new measure will be implemented on 26 October. The Brussels Free is the second Flemish university to move to Code Red.  Earlier Ghent University announced the same move.

The VUB plans to take extra action to support first years, international students and vulnerable students and staff with difficult home situations.  A chief concern is that first-year students, who have yet to get the opportunity to make friends, don’t get too isolated.

For first years the university will make every effort to try and organise as many exercises and work sessions on campus.  Vice Rector Jan Danckaert says these are very important for freshers’ social contacts and psychosocial well-being during their first period at university. Lectures and research activities that are difficult to stage online will still be held on campus. Code Red envisages exceptions for lessons that require certain equipment or physical interaction.

Students with problematic home situations will be able to study on campus and will be given psychosocial support.  International students will be able to rely on a buddy stem.  The library will remain open and student restaurants in Jette and Etterbeek will offer take-away meals.

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