Lockdown 2.0: “We need to decide what we want to keep open”

Microbiologist Emmanuel André is particularly worried about the most recent corona data to come out of Brussels and the provinces of Liege and Hainault, where 60% of the country’s confirmed cases occur. Belgium’s in a worse shape than when a lockdown was introduced in March, he says.  The microbiologist believes a new lockdown should seriously be considered.

“Few options still remain.  We should ask ourselves what we still want to keep open rather than saying ‘what can we still close?’”

“Room to manoeuvre is small.  We should focus on the health system.  Hospitals have been sounding the alarm for weeks now.”

“We are heading straight into a wall.  We need to decide what things we still want to keep running.  The rest needs to close down.”

Emmanuel André is irked by a hesitation to act and attacks pandemic deniers.

“Our situation today is one in which systems are saturated.  Even if we see positive trends, the figures are still mounting.”    

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