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Lugubrious find at West Flemish cemeteries

A bizarre discovery’s been made in the West Flemish town of Beernem.  Somebody has been fly-tipping at the local cemetery and filled graves with rubble and other waste.

Police recovered building waste from several graves at the local cemetery following reports that several headstones had been slightly moved.

Beernem Mayor Sypré says everybody is quite puzzled by what has happened:  “The headstones are extremely heavy.  If anybody had simply wanted to fly-tip, they could have found many other far easier opportunities.”

All 1,000 graves are now being checked.  In all, 22 graves have been desecrated in this way at two local cemeteries.

Local police chief Veerle Dhondt told VRT: “The perps dumped old materials that could have easily been taken to the refuse park.  No new materials have been found.”

The refuse dumped included old iron, taps, pieces of zinc and old building site radios.  Police believe the fly-tipping has been going on for some time now.  Damage to the graves isn’t immediately obvious and this allowed the culprit to proceed for many months.

The two cemeteries were closed to allow the investigators to do their work, but have meanwhile been reopened.

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