Police seize hoard of Kalashnikovs in the Antwerp Kempen

Belgian police have seized an impressive arsenal of weapons.  The weapons that include military weapons were discovered at premises in Weelde (Ravels) in the Antwerp Kempen District.

The weapons included 21 Kalashnikovs.  Drugs, large quantities of cash and mobile phones were also seized. An investigation is now underway to determine what the gangsters intended to use the guns for.

The investigation started after two French nationals were stopped at a tollbooth in northern France on 5 October.  Police found four Kalashnikovs and ammunition in their car. The two were connected to Belgium and Belgian federal police and Antwerp prosecutors were brought onto the case.

Premises in Weelde and Borgerhout (Antwerp) were raided.  The 21 Kalashnikovs, six handguns, five pistols, two silencers and ammunition were retrieved from a garage in Weelde.

148,850 euros in cash was also found as well as cocaine for personal use, documents with chemical formulas and container numbers.

Police are investigating infringements of weapons and drug legislation, possible money laundering as well as membership of a criminal gang.

Two Dutch nationals were held during the raids: a 38-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man.  The woman’s been arrested and placed under electronic supervision.  The man was freed without charge.

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