“Beware of new phishing scam” banks warn!

The Belgian banking federation Febelfin is sounding the alarm with regard to a new scam in which fraudsters pretend to be bank employees and try to convince innocent people to transfer funds to a different account because their existing account is said to be “unsafe”.

It’s a new form of phishing that has reached our shores from the Netherlands.  Fraudsters send you an email or a text and ask you to click onto a link that provides them with confidential information about your account.  You then get a call from a fraudster impersonating a bank employee.  You are told suspicious transactions have been noticed on your account.  You are encouraged to transfer funds to a different account.  This account the fraudsters use to syphon off your deposits.  

As you clicked on the link in the phishing email, the fraudsters possess a wealth of information about you and your account.  As a result, they can seem particularly convincing.  The fraudsters choose a phone number that resembles that of your bank, will tell you how much is on your account and may even mention genuine recent transactions.

Seniors are targeted in particular as they often have the readies and are less familiar with online banking and online fraud.


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