Palace 5 at the Heizel

Brussels opens new test centre at the Heizel

A new coronavirus test village is opening at the Heizel exhibition park in Brussels.  You will find the test centre on the carpark of Palace 12.  The new test village will have the capacity to carry out 750 tests daily.  The extra capacity takes the capacity for the whole of the Brussels Region to 50,000 tests a week.

Alain Maron, the regional minister charged with health, conceded the situation in the capital is serious: “It’s important we quickly increase test capacity” he told our reporters.  “We are working hard to achieve this, day in, day out.  I wish to thank care workers for everything they have done and continue to do…”

You can access the test village on foot, but also get tested while you remain in your car.

“There’s an awful lot of space at the Heizel.  You will be able to queue in your vehicle.  You can get tested without getting out.  In this way contact between the testers and people being tested is limited to a minimum” says Inge Neve of the Brussels health inspection.

Patients with an appointment are welcome between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, on Saturday from 9AM to 1PM.

Brussels already boasts three test centre for Covid, at Pacheco, Albert and Merode.  Capacity at these centres is being increased to 1,000 tests a day.  Further test centres are planned.  The aim is to be able to test 9,000 people a day in Brussels.

People returning from red zones abroad no longer need to get tested but do have to self-isolate for ten days.

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