Holiday accommodation going like hot cakes

Demand for self-catering holiday accommodation at the Flemish coast for the upcoming half-term break is strong.  Letting agencies report an increase in bookings compared with last year.  Hoteliers though are suffering as a result of the closure of other hospitality outlets.

Hotels are having a hard time securing bookings for the upcoming break, despite the fact they are still allowed to open and are impacted less by corona restrictions. A hotel or B&B is one of the few out-of-the house opportunities if you wish to be served a cooked meal.  Even alcoholic beverages are on offer if you order before the 8PM watershed.

Bars and restaurants have been closed, also on the Flemish coast, where several hotels that didn’t offer a full meal service have beefed up their offerings. 

Despite the clear advantages of a hotel booking, reservations for the break are down.  At present 30% of beds are booked compared to 57% last year.

The West Flemish Tourist Authority Westtoer underlines that it is perfectly possible to stay on the coast for several nights.  “The coast has a lot to offer and it has always been a traditional destination for people wishing to enjoy the half-term break.  Despite corona measures, the coast has a lot to offer” insists Sabien Lahaye-Battheu, the Westtoer chair.  

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