Top cyclist’s father robbed at building site

The father of the top professional cyclist Remco Evenpoel has been the victim of a theft at a building site in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Lennik. Patrick Evenepoel has been working on the construction of a new block of flats in Lennik that is just a few kilometres from his family home in the village of Schepdaal. All his plastering equipment has been taken.  This is in addition to a host of other material including boilers for the central heating system, kitchen units and even taps. The police have launched an investigation and hope to find the culprits thanks to CCTV cameras that are installed at the site. 




Mr Evenepoel estimates that between 15,000- and 25,000-euros’ worth of his equipment has been stolen.  

The father of cyclist Remco Evenepoel told VRT Radio 2 that he can’t believe it.

"When we arrived at just gone 6am we noticed that the door was open. This was strange as I had shut it myself. It was dark and the penny didn’t drop straight away. But then I saw that everything was gone. And I mean everything, not just my material”.

"I can hardly believe it, in what kind of world are we living in, when people steal work material? The result is a lot of damage and expense and above all that we won’t be able to carry on working. I can’t put my staff to work and we will get behind. This is the third site theft that I have experienced. Some of the stolen items were found lying in the street. They even took the lights and the site radio with them. We must go on and not give up even in these time of coronavirus”.

The Pajottenland Local Police Service has launched an investigation and hopes that CCTV image will help them find the thieves. 

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