Curfew in Wallonia from 10pm to 6am, distance learning only in French-medium higher education

The Walloon and Francophone Language Community governments have announced a number of additional measures to try and curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. They come on top of the measures applicable to the whole of Belgium that were tightened further after a meeting between representatives of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community governments on Thursday evening.

From this evening the hours of the curfew currently in force in the whole country will be extended in the 5 Walloon provinces. There it will be forbidden to venture out of your home without a valid reason between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

In addition to this the Walloon Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (socialist) announced a number of other measures. Currently Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region (that will decide on additional measures at a meeting on Saturday afternoon) have the highest rate of coronavirus infection in Europe.

The measures announced by Mr Di Rupo on Friday evening will remain in force until 19 November. While the rest of Belgium is under curfew between midnight and 5am. People in Wallonia will have to stay indoors from 10pm until 6am. Exceptions are made for travel to or from work, setting off on or returning from a trip abroad, force majeure or seeking medical treatment.

Meanwhile, the government of the Francophone Language Community announced that all sporting competitions and training sessions for amateur sportsmen and women over the age of 12 are banned until at least 19 November.

Lectures and seminars at French-medium universities and colleges of higher education will be conducted solely through the medium of distance learning for the next month.

Extra measures in Liège

The city authorities in Liège have gone further still. There lessons for pupils in the 5th, 6th and where applicable 7th years of secondary school will be taught via digital distance learning methods from Monday. The only exception is for practical lessons in labs or workshops.

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