More and more people using food banks

As the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis starts to bite a growing number of people in Belgium are finding themselves forced to seek help from foodbanks. With this in mind the federal secretary of state responsible for tackling poverty Karine Lalieux (Francophone socialist) has announced that 7 million euro extra in Federal Government funding will be given to the country’s foodbanks and social services departments providing food aid. 

The number of people using foodbanks has risen by 15% during the past few months. Of the 7 million extra federal government funding, one million euro will be shared among the Antwerp food aid storage and distribution centre, the Red Cross, the Belgian Federation of Food Banks and the not for profit group Aliment.

The money will be used to buy basic foodstuffs and hygiene products and pay for deliveries to people of limited mobility. The funding should ensure that they have enough food to see them through the winter.

6 million euro will go to the various social services councils in municipalities across Belgium. The extra funding will help them fund the increased demand for food aid and basis hygiene products. The 7 million euro come on top of funding already granted by the previous federal government. 

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