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Police break up lockdown party at longue bar in Maasmechelen

Police in the Limburg municipality of Maasmechelen have raided a waterpipe and lounge bar where an illegal party was being held. 39 people were at the party and police also seized quantities of laughing gas. This is the second time that the police have brought to an end an illegal gathering at the longue bar. 

At around 1:30am on Sunday police received a report of a party being held at the waterpipe bar. Tania Olaerts of the Lanaken-Maasmechelen Local Police Service told VRT News that “The police went to the scene and could hear music. However, the officers couldn’t get inside”.

"A little later they saw a man. When questioned he admitted that he had come out of the club. When the police officers knocked at the door again a number of people came to the window to look at what was going on. The police called the Fire Service to get come and get the door open”.

Police found 39 people in the waterpipe bar. They were all fined for breaching the ban on gatherings that is in force as part of the measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The owners of the bar were fined for not complying with the mandatory closure of bars, restaurants, coffee bars and tea houses that has been in force since last Monday. A large quantity of laughing gas bottles was also seized. The Mayor of Maasmechelen Raf Terwingen (Christian democrat) has ordered the closure of the bar with immediate effect. 

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