Ambulance attacked in Brussels

A paint spray can was thrown at an ambulance involved in an emergency intervention in the Brussels borough of Ganshoren on Friday night.  The ambulance’s windscreen shattered on impact and will have to be replaced.

The spray can also dented the vehicle’s bonnet.  The incident happened around midnight thirty on Friday night. The projectile was hurled at the ambulance from a window or balcony in the Keizer Karellaan.

Fortunately, none of the ambulancemen were injured, but they did get quite a shock when the can impacted.  The attackers have not yet been identified.  The ambulance belongs to the Brussels fire service. The service has condemned the behaviour and intends to file a judicial complaint.

The ambulancemen say they can’t comprehend why they are targeted in incidents of senseless aggression like this, when, as members of the emergency services, they are assisting the community. Police attended the scene and drafted a police report.

Another ambulance had to be dispatched to ferry a patient in need of treatment to hospital.

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