GPs call for remote learning at Leuven University: “We need a breather!”

Family doctors in Leuven have asked Leuven University to keep all its students at home.  The GPs insist the situation no longer resembles a minor fire and want the university to implement a Code Red alert for coronavirus. Under Code Red all learning at university becomes remote learning and lectures and all exercises are given online.

The doctors hope such a move can create breathing space for the care sector that is under enormous strain.  The GPs, first line carers, say that at the present rate they can’t cope.  They also urge students to stay away from Leuven.

First line medical expert Dr Filip Charlier has a message for the people of Leuven too: “Stop all non-essential social contacts for several weeks.  Limit non-household contacts to one person to hug and four others with whom you observe social distancing. Allow students to study at home. Stagger secondary school lessons to ensure buses aren’t crowded and limit your movements.”

“These measures are needed to guarantee the well-being of care workers. We’ve been chasing events for several weeks now and require a breather.”

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