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Temporary benefit for parents without childcare

By giving fair warning it was extending the half-term break the Flemish government may have avoided organisational chaos, but many parents will face issues finding somebody to look after the kids in the extended break – until 11 November included. Some schools may provide supervision, but some parents may have to take extra days off work.

Fine, if you have any left.  Employees can also apply for unpaid holiday or social holiday, if employers allow this. This will be unpaid.

Geert Vermeir of the human resources provider SD Worx points to an alternative that could be more to your liking.

“Since October employees have the right to be absent from work, if the school of your child (under 18) closes due to coronavirus.  Employees can sign on temporarily and will get benefit.  You do not receive pay from your employer, but you will get 70% of your gross salary, tough there is a ceiling. You will lose out more than if you take paid holiday, but you will receive benefit”.  

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