48 COVID-19 deaths every day

The latest figures from the public health science institute Sciensano show a continuation of the sharp rise in all the figures related to the novel coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. 

During the past 7 days an average of 502 COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospital every day. This is 88% more than was the case during the previous week.

·        There are currently 5,260 COVID-19 patients in Belgian hospitals. Of these 809 are in intensive care (up 52 on Monday’s figures). 444 COVID patients are on ventilators. On Monday 169 COVID patients were discharged from hospital..

·        During the past week an average of 48 people died of COVID-19 in Belgium. So far the virus has claimed the lives of 10,810 people here.

·        During the week from 17 to 23 October an average of 13,052 people/day tested positive for the novel coronavirus. This is a rise of 35% compared with the previous week.

Between 17 and 23 October an average of 13,052 people in Belgium  were tested for the novel coronavirus every day. Of those tested 21% tested positive for the virus.

Since 21 October the criteria for coronavirus testing have been modified. Since then only those that display symptoms after having had a high risk contact or having returned from a red zone are tested. Asymptomatic people that have had high risk contacts or returned from a red zone area have to self-quarantine for ten days. 

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