“We’ve spent time enough time telling people about the curfew”

The people of the Brussels Region were obliged to observe a stricter curfew for the first time last night.  As a result of stricter corona restrictions nobody is allowed out between the hours of 10PM and 6AM without a valid reason.

Valid reasons include professional activities, seeking medical assistance or providing aid. People out and about for work reasons may be required to provide documentation of this.

Police organised extra patrols across the Brussels Region, but few incidents were reported.

25 police reports were drawn up in the City of Brussels/Elsene zone.  “All in all, it was a relatively peaceful night in our zone.  25 reports were drawn up about people who had no sound reason to be out and about.  It’s only allowed for work reasons with a certificate or for urgent medical assistance. Otherwise we hand out a fine.  We’ve spent time enough time telling people the curfew has been introduced” says a forthright Ilse Van de keere.

Two individuals in Laken (City of Brussels) were more fortunate.  A police officer told VRT News that they were seen out and about without a valid reason, but because it was the first night of the extended curfew they were let off with a caution and they were told the hours of the curfew had changed.

In Brussels-South i.e. Anderlecht, Sint-Gillis and Vorst police wrote only 6 police reports.

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