Bruce Springsteen praises Flemish shop window display

The American rock singer Bruce Springsteen has expressed his admiration for the shop window display at a music store in the town of Geel in Antwerp Province. “The Boss” did so in a message that featured a photograph of the shop that is called Tony Muziekhuis posted on the social media platform Twitter on Monday evening. 

The proprietor of the shop Tony Janssens told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that he was “astounded” when saw a photograph of his shop had been tweeted by the rock legend. Mr Janssens had painted the title of The Boss’ new album ‘Letter to You’ and the singers name on the window of his shop, an act that clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed not even thousands of kilometres away in the United States.  

Tony Janssens was first alerted to Bruce Springsteen’s tweet when he received an email from one of his customers.

The tweet (see below) features a photograph of the shop with the text “A beautiful hand-painted window in Belgium! Where are you listening to a letter to you?”

The hand-painted shop window is part of a global promotional campaign for the album. There are billboards advertising ‘Letter to You’ in many cities across the globe. The record company also asked Tony Janssens to advertise the album by painting the window of his shop in Geel. Mr Janssens told VRT Radio 2 “I thought, why not? I think that it is a great album. Everything by Bruce Springsteen is always good!”.

Speaking about the tweet, a delighted Mr Janssens said “I was astounded. Our display in Geel is among photos of billboards in Sydney and New Jersey. Wow!”

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