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Home minister pledges zero tolerance for corona violations

There has been massive demand for holiday accommodation across Belgium for the upcoming half-term break.  Self-catering holiday accommodation and holiday villages have taken many bookings.  Amid the pandemic Belgium’s virologists are not heartened by the news. Politicians too are concerned.

Belgian interior minister Annelies Verlinden (Flemish Christian democrat) has indicated that the police will check people are sticking to the rules at popular tourist destinations.  Fines too are available.

“Police will deploy all means available as part of law enforcement.  They will continue to do this, and they will intervene immediately when they see any violations.  The time people got a good telling off and a friendly request is behind us.  We can’t put a police officer on every street corner.  That’s impossible but we will continue to count on people being responsible and doing what we ask and limiting their social contacts to a bare minimum.”

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