King Albert meets up with his natural daughter Princess Delphine

King Albert and Queen Paola met with Princess Delphine of Belgium at their home, Belvédère Castle in Brussels, on Sunday.  The meeting was the first between the former head of state and his natural daughter since her childhood.

Princess Delphine went to court to be recognised as King Albert’s daughter, to obtain the title Princess of Belgium as well as the reserved share in any future inheritance.  The court battle that was recently concluded in the princess’s favour lasted seven years.  The princess always said it was about her being treated equally to her siblings that include Filip, King of Belgians. The man, who was previously recognised as her official father, is believed to be far richer than the former head of state.

A joint statement released by the royal palace reads:” On Sunday a new chapter, full of emotion, peace of mind, understanding and hope commenced.  During our meeting at Belvédère Castle every one of us was able to express their feelings and experiences in serenity and with empathy.”

Further meetings are expected.  The statement continues:

“After the tumultuous events, the sufferings and injuries, the time has come for forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.  Together we decided to take this route.  It will require patience and effort, but we are determined.  These are the first steps in the path we will embark upon in all peace.”

Earlier Princess Delphine, an artist with international renown, was also invited to Laken Castle for a first meeting with her half-brother, King Filip.

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