Three die in accident on E19 motorway in Flemish Brabant

Three people have died in a road traffic accident on the slip road of the E19 motorway at Vilvoorde in Flemish Brabant. The vehicle in which the three men died was being chased by police and was travelling in the wrong direction on the slip road when it collided with a van. The van driver suffered minor injuries in the crash. 

The accident happened late on Tuesday morning. The confirmation that there were three fatalities has come from the Federal Highways Police.

The car chase started after the local police service in nearby Zaventem were called to a break-in in the village of Nossegem. A vehicle carrying the suspected burglars sped away and once in Machelen (Flemish Brabant) drove onto the Antwerp-bound E19 motorway.

The car was involved in a head on collision when its driver attempted to use the slip road onto the E19 at Vilvoorde to exit the motorway. All three men in the car died at the scene, the driver of the van that the car collided with suffered minor injuries. 

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