Foto: Johann Donfut

Brussels’ fire-fighters do a half Monty for charity

The Brussels fire service is marketing a new calendar for next year.  The sale of the calendar raises cash for charity and includes photographs of Brussels firemen and women in various stages of undress.

Brussels fire-fighters do this every two years, but this year for the first time the calendar will only be available online.

The photo on the cover features fire-fighter Lars Dhooghe.  Initially he didn’t want to take part.  He’s only been a fireman for two years and tried to laugh off the proposal, but his wife insisted.

“If you spend so much time and put so much energy into doing sports and then end up looking like this, well, then you have to take part” she said.

This year calendar sales will benefit three charities Pinocchio that helps children with burns, Red Hose Line that helps fire-fighters suffering from cancer and a street nursing organisation.

You can order the calendar via this link.

Foto: Johann Donfut
Foto: Johann Donfut

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