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'If you don't want empty chairs at Christmas, stop now!'

The science health institute Sciensano has sounded the alarm about the impact Covid is having on Belgian hospitals.  At Brussels University Hospital UZ health care workers took to the roof of their hospital in Jette (Brussels) to emphasize the predicament they now find themselves in and the need for urgent action. Symbolically, they staged their action at 5 to 12.  The word ‘STOP’ in large letters could be read on the roof.

Dr Marc Noppen is the CEO of Brussels University Hospital: “Stop the virus, but there is also a message to everybody: stop acting as if there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Keep your distance, wear a face covering and wash your hands.  These are simple rules.  To certain politicians: Stop the procrastination.  It’s taking too long.  Act. ‘Stop’ is also the message to some experts and scientists, who say the situation’s not too bad”.

Dr Sabeth De Waele is the head of Critical Care at UZ: “If shortly you need to train psychiatrists to monitor a ventilator, then the population isn’t receiving the care it deserves.  We’re not there yet, but we’re heading that way.  People don’t seem to realise a catastrophe is on the way and how many deaths will occur. My message is: ‘If you don’t want empty chairs at Christmas stop now’.”





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