“More drastic measures if we don’t flatten the curve”

PM Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) on Wednesday addressed the nation and called on everybody and especially young people to stick to corona restrictions.  Mr De Croo spoke of decisions that meant the difference between life and death.


“The situation in our country is particularly critical.  Day after day more people are infected.  Hospitals are filling up and deaths are rising.  Our priority is to support health care workers ad hospitals to turn this curve.”

“Too many youngsters believe the virus isn’t about them. Don’t make that mistake. This virus is about you, about your best friend, your brother or sister, your parents, grandma or grandad.  Everybody can become infected and become seriously ill: don’t think ‘this won’t happen’ to me”.

The prime minister conceded that the measures now implemented amount to a partial lockdown and held out the prospect of fresh, drastic measures if the curve could not be flattened.

Mr De Croo urged us all to comply with the well-known basic precautions. He promised extra support for care workers and concluded: “As a team of 11 million we are stronger than the virus.”

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