Hospitalisations outstrip 1st wave record

5,924 patients are currently being treated with Covid in a Belgian hospital.  The figure is the highest since coronavirus reached our shores.

Today’s figures exceed the record set on 6 April when 5,759 people were being treated.

During the week starting 22 October, on average, 593 patients were hospitalised each day.  The figure compares with a daily average of 319 the previous week.

On Wednesday 743 patients were hospitalised.  993 patients are in critical care compared to 912 on Tuesday.  541 patients are on a ventilator and in an induced coma.

Nearly half of all Belgium’s critical care beds – 2,000 in number - are now occupied. Yesterday 465 people were discharged.

The number of deaths continues to rise too.  In the week starting 19 October on average 69 people a day died with coronavirus.  The figure a week earlier was 36.

11,170 deaths are currently being linked to coronavirus.

24% of tests are now coming back positive.  In the week starting 19 October, on average, 66,600 tests were carried out daily.  There were 14,356 new confirmed cases a day on average.

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