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Ricky Gervais heaps praise on VRT’s ‘The Twelve’

“One of the most complex, nuanced and gripping courtroom dramas I've ever seen. Naturalistic and extraordinary. Beautiful and gritty. A study of humanity, morality, integrity and consequence. Bravo”. This is how Britain’s Ricky Gervais described ‘The Twelve’, the VRT courtroom drama that can currently be seen on Channel 4’s Walter Presents in the UK and on Netflix around the world.

The makers of the Ghent-based drama are ecstatic.  “For us Gervais is God” they say.  “That somebody of this calibre dispatches a tweet like this without being prompted is great.”

“I saw the tweet immediately and added him to our joint WhatsApp group” says producer Peter Brouckaert.

“He’s world class and is great at creating characters and storytelling.  When somebody like him binges on our series and dispatches a compliment like that... That’s great.”

Script writer Sanne Nuyens adds: “I was in bed when I saw the tweet.  I nearly fell out.”

Ricky even used the Flemish hashtag.

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