Temporary unemployed offer their services in health sector

In only a week’s time thousands of people who are on temporary unemployment benefit as a result of the corona crisis offered their services in the health care sector.

The website helpindezorg.be (help in care) was set up to help people who are unemployed or on temporary unemployment benefit as a result of losing their job during the corona crisis find a new job in the health care sector. In only one week 5,140 people offered to take up a vacancy in the sector that has come under such tremendous pressure of late.

34,000 people visited the website.  At present over 120 vacancies are outstanding.

Figures released by Flemish economy minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) show most job candidates hail from Antwerp province (1,924).

The Flemish employment agency VDAB has written to 3,000 employers in the health care sector to publicise the initiative and urge them to offer jobs via this new channel.

“We hope this will help to ease pressure on the sector” Ms Crevits told VRT.

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