Flanders declares civil state of emergency for the second time this year

The Flemish Government has declared a civil state of emergency for public health. It was the Flemish Justice Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist, photo above) that announced that the measure, which in practice means that extra health infrastructure can be constructed without the usual authorisation and permits, has come in to force for the second time this year. The first time that a civil state of emergency for public health was declared was during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring. 

Ms Demir told journalists that the figures relating to the pandemic and the vigour with which the virus is currently spreading are having a very heavy impact on existing health care infrastructure.

“The capacity of hospitals, care establishments and laboratories is under great pressure and demand for extra facilities threatens to escalate. In addition to this this it is essential that possibilities are created for the provision of extra facilities for to allow for the speedy production of medicines, vaccines and essential medical material”.

In order to do this use could be made of empty buildings or, for example, tents or mobile prefab units. 

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