"Superman" cleans the windows at centre people with a mental handicap in Landen

Window cleaner Christophe Stockmans decided to bring a little a ray of sunshine to the residents of the not-for-profit organisation VZW Bindkracht’s residential home for people living with a mental handicap in Landen, Flemish Brabant on Friday. Much to the delight of residents and staff alike Christophe dressed up as Superman before climbing his ladder and cleaning the windows of VZW Bindkracht’s villa. What’s more he cleaned the windows free of charge. 

Speaking on VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that he wants to bring a ray of light in the dark times in which we currently live. "I want to e a ray of light in these dark times in which we currently live. Putting a smile on people’s faces is why I’m doing this. I live in Landen myself and I wanted to do something for a good cause. I cleared my diary for Friday morning specially”.  

Christophe Stockmans also has a special reason for choosing VZW Bindkracht as the place to do his good deed. “I used to have a godchild that had a mental handicap. We had a close bond, and this is why I choose Bindkracht’s villa”.

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