Which shops will remain open during lockdown 2.0?

As during the first lockdown in the spring all shops that sell “non-essential” goods will be forced to close their doors once the new lockdown starts on Monday. However, this time around the definition of what is deemed “essential” is slightly wider and more shops will be allowed to remain open than was the case in the second half of March, April and the first week of May.

Although the list of goods and services deemed to be “essential” still has to appear in the ministerial decree that will be the legal basis for the lockdown, it has already become clear what will still be open from Monday.

·        Shops selling food such as supermarkets, (green)grocers, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, cheese shops, night shops (with limited opening hours), and sandwich bars (for take away only).

·        Shops that sell food for animals.

·        Pharmacies and shops that sell medical aids such as wheelchairs and crutches.

·        Garden centres and DIY stores.

·        Newsagents

·        Launderettes

·        Garages, cycle shops, shops that sell telephones, and opticians will be able to open to carry out urgent repairs. An appointment must be made prior to the customer’s visit.

·        All other shops must close their doors. However, they can still sell their goods online and they can arrange for customers to come and collect their goods.

While markets will be allowed to continue, there too only “essential goods” may be sold.

In addition to this large supermarkets such as Cora and Carrefour Hyper that sell a large selection of non-food products ranging from clothing to toys, computers, washing machines and bikes, will be restricted to only selling “essential goods” such as food, drink and cleaning products.

The essential goods rules apply to all supermarkets. Carrefour’s Aurelie Gerth told VRT News that “We are prepared but were are waiting to see what exactly the ministerial decree says before we make any changes in store”.  

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