Ministerial decree lists which shops will be allowed to (partially) open from Monday

The ministerial decree that brings into law the measures agreed on Friday to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus has been published. The decree provides a definitive list of which shops will be allowed to remain open from Monday 2 November. The shops that will be allowed to remain open are considered to sell “essential goods”. 

These are: 

·        Food stores, including night shops

·        Shops that sell toiletries and hygiene products

·        Shops that sell food for animals

·        Pharmacies

·        Newsagents and bookshops

·        Petrol stations and fuel supplies

·        Telephone shops except for shops that only sell accessories.

·        Shops that sell medical aids such as crutches and wheelchairs

·        DIY stores

·        Garden centres and nurseries

·        Florists and plant shops

·        Wholesalers that sell to commercial clients. They will only be allowed to sell their goods to commercial clients.

·        Specialised shops that sell cloth

·        Specialised shops selling wool, needlework products and haberdashery

·        Stationers

To prevent unfair competition shops that are being allowed to remain open that normally also sell non-essential goods will have to either remove or cordon off these goods by opening time on Monday. Toys, decorative items (except candles), electrical goods, clothing and sports items fall into this category. Online sales of non-essential goods remain possible.

In addition to this, garages and bicycle repair shops will be allowed to continue to offer repair services during the lockdown.

Several services considered to be essential will also be allowed to continue to operate. These include taxis and the notaries.

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