New lockdown measures came into force today

Last Friday the Consultative Committee that is made up of representatives of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community governments agreed on a raft of extra measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The ministerial decree that made the measure law was published just before noon on Sunday. Lockdown 2.0 started at midnight and will remain in force for the next 6 weeks. 

The following measures that come on top of the measures that were already in force came into effect at midnight.

·        Households can now only invite 1 person into their home at any one time. Each member of a household is allowed one so-called “cuddle contact” from outside their home. “Cuddle contacts” are people with whom you have normal relations and don’t, for example, have to social distance with. Those that live alone can have a second contact (family member or friend) that they may invite in. However, here social distancing etc must be upheld and the additional contact may not visit while the “cuddle contact” is there.  

·        While outside you may meet up with up to three other people to, for example, go for a walk. However, here social distancing and the rules on the wearing of face masks must be upheld.  

All shops selling non-essential goods must close. However, they can continue serving their customers through web shops, home delivery order and collect services. Click here to see which shops are still open. 

·        The non-medical contact professions such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians have had to suspend their activities.

·        The half term school holidays have been extended until 15 November. After half term pupils from the third year of secondary school and above will be taught some of the time by online distance learning methods.

·        Teleworking is mandatory for all that are able to work from home. For those that aren’t sufficient ventilation and face masks are required in the workplace.  

·        Unlike during the first lockdown “non-essential” companies can continue to operate, but only if they follow the safety rules to the letter.

·        Restaurants and bars in hotels must close. Hotel guests can now only eat their meals in their rooms.

·        A maximum of 15 people may attend funerals. Funeral wakes (receptions, meals,...) are not allowed.

·        Holiday parks will close from Tuesday 3 November.

The measures will remain in force for at least 6 weeks. An evaluation concerning the measures relating to shops will be made before 1 December. The curfew that is force from 10pm to 6am in Brussels and Wallonia and from midnight to 5am in Flanders will remain in force until at least 19 November.

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