Potential buyers or tenants won’t be allowed to visit properties in person during lockdown

Under the new measures designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus real estate agents will not be able to arrange physical visits to properties they wish to sell or let. As long as the measures are in force potential buyers or tenants of properties that are up for sale or rent will only be able to view the property by means of online virtual visits. The news has been confirmed by the Federal Economy Department and the National Crisis Centre. 

The ban on physical visits to properties that are up for sale or rent was also in force during the first lockdown in the spring of this year.

The ministerial decree that enshrined the lockdown measures in law does not include visits to properties for sale or rent by potential buyers or tenants among the list of “essential services”. However, notaries that arrange the legal side of a property sale will be able to continue their activities in person.

Not only estate agents, but also those trying to sell or let their property without themselves are not allowed to let potential buyers or tenants visit the property in person for as long as the lockdown is in force. This ban is covered by the rules that severely restrict visitors to people’s homes during the lockdown.

Not surprisingly, the real estate agents’ trade federation BIV is unhappy with the ban that it claims is not explicitly stated in the ministerial decree. BIV had already told its members that they could arrange visits. “An official communiqué from the Minister saying that it is not allow is lacking”, a spokesman told journalists.

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