23rd Big Corona Study online until 11pm

For the 23rd Tuesday running the University of Antwerp and other Universities are carry out their Big Corona study. Those that wish to have until 11pm to take part in the online survey that is available in four languages, including English. 

The recent Big Corona Survey have recorded an increase in participants’ confidence in the way in which the various authorities are dealing with the public health crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

The researchers have noticed that the approach taken by the federal government towards the crisis has been an increase in support in recent weeks. Leuven University’s (KUL) Jonas Crèvecoeur told VRT News that “Almost half of all participants say that their general level of confidence in the authorities has increased.

Confidence in the federal authorities has received a boost. For the first time during this crisis it has increased. The formation of a new federal government an the generally positive comments regarding the way it communicates will of course have played a role here”. Recent surveys have also shown an increase in trust in scientific experts.

In today’s 23rd Big Corona Study questions are asked about the lockdown measures that came into force on Monday. Questions are also asked about the situation at participants’ places of work as well as about the Coronalert contact tracing app.

Click here to take part in this week’s survey 

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