Over 7,000 patients receiving treatment for Covid in hospital

For the first time over 7,000 patients are receiving treatment for Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus, in a Belgian hospital.  At the last count there were 7,231 Covid patients in hospital.

1,302 patients are receiving critical care. This is the highest number recorded so far.

Overall, the corona figures are still heading the wrong way, but figures have started to rise less quickly.

In the past week, on average, 660 patients were hospitalised each day. 596 patients were hospitalised on Monday.  180 patients were discharged.

There’s been a new jump in the daily number of deaths now averaging at 123 a day over the past week.

On average 15,071 people a day tested positive for coronavirus during the past week. Around 63,000 tests are being carried out a day.  29.2% are coming back positive.

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