© VRT - Foto: Selina De Maeyer; Bewerking: Rupert De Weerd

Saint Nicholas: “I’ll be there even if I have to don a spacesuit”

Saint Nicholas, a holy man who treats children to presents on 6 December, has taken the unprecedented step of releasing a special video message to reassure Belgium’s children that he will make it this year, despite corona.

Saint Nicholas is getting on.  His age is clearly a risk factor for corona and he is making the trip to Belgium from “Spain”, a country colour-coded red by Belgium’s foreign ministry – though given the situation here that can’t be too much of an added risk.

The saint arrives in the great metropolis of Antwerp on 14 November aboard his steamer.  His arrival will be televised by VRT and children are asked to follow proceedings on the Ketnet Channel, the Ketnet app or your computer, in all safety, and not to turn up in person. Saint Nicholas has vowed to comply with all the Covid restrictions and to quarantine before he visits Belgium’s children on 6 December.

“Even if I have to wear a space suit to cross the roofs, I will make it” Saint Nicholas insisted.

“I don’t want to let you down in a year that has already been so difficult: You had to miss your friends for many weeks.  Summer camps had to be organised differently and even going to school has become a bit strange, even though good teachers do try their best.”

About his arrival in Antwerp on 14 November Saint Nicholas insists on the need to keep it safe: “For once I won’t be greeted by waving children, but you can all follow proceedings on Ketnet” he says in perfect Dutch.

© VRT - Foto: Selina De Maeyer; Bewerking: Rupert De Weerd

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