Winter Wonders and fireworks are still planned in Brussels

Winter Wonders, a gigantic Christmas market usually staged in downtown Brussels over the festive period, and the big fireworks display on New Year’s Eve are still on despite the corona situation. Many people can’t understand why the city authorities haven’t provided clarity and haven’t yet cancelled the events.

Councillor Bianca Debaets (Flemish Christian democrat) quizzed the Mayor of the City of Brussels, Philippe Close, during the last council meeting and to her great amazement discovered that the mayor still wanted to give these two events that attract large crowds to the Belgian and Flemish capital a chance.

“What about Winter Wonders and the Brussels fireworks display on New Year’s Eve?” Ms Debaets wondered. “Everybody thinks it goes without saying such events can’t go head. But the mayor is refusing to pin his colours to the mast. He indicated he hoped to evaluate the situation and give these events a chance.”

In Belgium Christmas markets and all winter events have been banned until mid-December.

“There’s really nobody who believes these events in Brussels still stand a chance.  I hope the city authorities don’t wait until the last minute like they did when they had to cancel the South Fair. All the attractions had been put up and the city then decided to cancel. I’m being quizzed by residents and stallholders.  Is Winter Wonders going ahead?  I believe it won’t, but the City of Brussels still seems to be hesitating.”

Nicolas Maeterlinck
Nicolas Maeterlinck

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