“Golden jackal on its way to Belgium”

The Eurasian wolf has made a return to Belgium and now the experts believe that the golden jackal , a kind of mini wolf, will soon appear in this country too. 

After an absence of a century the wolf is back in Belgium appearing in the wilds of Limburg Province, while the lynx has been spotted by a wildlife camera in the Valley of the Semois.  The arrival of the golden jackal is also anticipated following reports of sheep being attacked on the Dutch border with Germany’s North-Rhine Westphalia. At first a wolf was believed to be the culprit, but an investigation revealed the jackal was to blame.

The golden jackal appeared along a route used by wolves to reach Belgium.  This is why experts believe the jackal could soon appear in Belgium.  It would be a first.  The jackal has never been sighted here.

Jan Loos of the organisation Welkom Wolf believes the jackal could materialise is Belgium very soon.  Travel from the spot where it was sighted in the Netherlands, near the town of Nijmegen, would only take a couple of days.  The animal spotted on the German frontier could be in Belgium within a week, but it could also take several years.

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