Corona latest: “Flush the loo with the lid down”

Steven Van Gucht, the head of the Belgian science health institute Sciensano, has told a news conference that the Corona Express is reducing speed, but that we must stick with corona measures. Prof Van Gucht added that the reduction in the speed of the epidemic didn’t come a day too soon: 1,351 patients are currently receiving critical care.

The virologist believes that if the people of Belgium reduce their contacts it will be possible to avoid 2,000 patients ending up in critical care.

The Sciensano chief told newsmen that the number of new infections was stabilising and the increase in the number of hospitalisations was slowing down.  “Together we must drastically cut the numbers.  Every upsurge could overload our health system.  We must stick to the present measures.  This will allow us to remain under maximum capacity in hospitals.  People staying at home are saving lives.”

The virologist warned we have not yet left the danger zone: hospital admissions continue to rise albeit more slowly.  The number of patients in critical care is expected to rise further.

“There’s a 48% increase every week.  Figures are doubling every 12 days.  The increase has slowed in recent days.”

Modelling predicts Belgium will reach a peak in intensive care in two weeks’ time, peaking at 1800 beds.

“The situation is particularly disturbing, especially in Liège and Hainault provinces.  In Flanders East Flanders is bearing the brunt.

At the news conference the need for ventilation was stressed as well as toilet flushing with the toilet lid down, especially when it is a shared toilet. Hand washing, maintaining distance and wearing a face covering are essential too.  As the virus is still circulating in large volumes in Belgian society people should also think carefully about their number of social contacts.

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