500 million-year-old rocks defaced with racist graffiti in French

In Dworp (Beersel - Flemish Brabant) rocks made of ancient sandstone have been vandalised.  Racist slogans in French as well as Nazi symbols have been inflicted on this treasure that dates from the time this was a sea.

The local municipality recently purchased the rocks and handed the stewardship over to the environmental organisation Natuurpunt.  This natural phenomenon wasn’t really all that well known in the area and the media interest surrounding the purchase may have stoked the vandals.

This wanton act of vandalism must have been perpetrated during daylight as any vandal would face a hazardous descent in the dark.  Alderman Eddy De Knopper: “The vandals took their time to inflict their slogans on the rocks and add drawings.  Fortunately, it can be removed from the ancient sandstone”.

The rocks are formed of green and yellow sandstone that is particularly hard.  They belong to the Blanmont Formation and are part of the Cambrian Massif of Brabant that belonged to the ancient shallow Cambrium Sea that covered this area 500 million years ago.  Sediment mainly consists of sandstone.  The rocks come to the surface in woodland in Dworp only to disappear under other layers of soil until they resurface in Sart Moulin in Wallonia.

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