“Vaccine could start to be rolled out next April”

Steven Van Gucht, head of the Belgian health science institute Sciensano, has spoken of the possibility of commencing vaccinations against coronavirus in Belgium as early as next April. On Wednesday it emerged that scientists at Oxford in England are in the final stretch of vaccine development.

According to the virologist, if everything goes well, the first vaccination campaign could start in Belgium in the period between March and June.

“Preparations for vaccination campaigns that we will hopefully be able to stage next year are in full swing. At present it’s unclear which vaccine will be on the market first. Millions of vaccines have been ordered, but at the minute we do not know whether they will be safe or work.  Studies are underway.  The results are secret.”

“Results may arrive in coming weeks.  If they are good and firms have made sufficient progress in production, then between March and April, possibly somewhere in April, the first vaccination campaigns could be rolled out.”

Health care workers and high-risk categories will be first in line.

Together with the European commission Belgium is involved in talks with firms about securing supplies.


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