French ‘Feet Sniffer’ turns himself in after golden tip

A mystery that has dogged police in the Ghent area for two decades has been solved.  A man believed to be the fetishist known as the ‘Feet Sniffer’ has turned himself in at a Ghent police station.

For many years now there’s been concern about a member of the public who follows women students to their digs and then with the aid of drawings and sign language gets them to uncover their feet so he can sniff them.  Ghent police recently launched an appeal for information on this quaint individual, who has never actually harmed anyone physically.  They believe he needs help.

A golden tip arrived from France after the appeal.  It allowed the police to identify the man as a 47-year-old from the Lille area.

A suspect presented himself at a Ghent police station on Wednesday.  The French national readily admitted his unusual behaviour and told investigators he would like to receive treatment.

He was released after interview but was obliged to give a commitment he would seek treatment and provide evidence this is happening.  A police enquiry will now try to establish the motivation for his acts.

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