Philippe Lacombe, Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton diamond to be cut in Antwerp

Diamond firm HB Antwerp has been entrusted with the task of cutting an exceptionally large and clear diamond.  It’s a 549-carat diamond that is being cut for Louis Vuitton.

The diamond even has a name: Sethunya.  It’s the second top class diamond to be cut in Antwerp this year.  In January the world’s second largest diamond Sewelo was also bound for Antwerp.

Until the Seventies half the world’s diamonds were cut in Antwerp, but competition from low wage economies put a stop to that.  Now Antwerp is making a comeback.

HB Antwerp countered the trend using vanguard technology.  HB’s Margaux Donckier: “We invest in technology and innovation creating a brand-new production line to ensure the entire production process from raw diamond to cut gem can be carried out in Antwerp.”

“Consumers have become more demanding, expect diamonds are produced in a sustainable way and want to know how they ended up in Antwerp.”

Buyers also get to decide how their diamond is cut.  Customers are offered a personalised service. Raw diamonds are supplied to customers and they can decide how they are cut. 

Sethunya was mined in Botswana and brought up on 1 February.

“The 549-carat raw diamond is exceptionally white and clear.  It’s still looking for a buyer.  It will be cut in Antwerp and will then be sent to the Louis Vuitton workshop in Paris.  There the diamond will be turned into a jewel that can shine around somebody’s neck or on their finger.


Philippe Lacombe, Louis Vuitton

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